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The adventures that unfold in DUNGEONS & DRAGONS take place in your imagination. The Dungeon Master describes environments and circumstances, and you and your fellow players, using your imaginations, respond by asking questions, describing your characters’ actions, and testing your characters’ abilities to overcome obstacles and foes. This shared imaginary environment hosts the chambers you explore, the battles you fight, and the encounters you experience.

At the core of the D&D rules, you do things in the game by first describing the thing you wish to do. The DM then responds to your action, and might ask you to use one of your ability scores to help determine success. You use your ability scores and their modifiers to interact with the game world in three basic ways: checks, attacks, and saving throws.

For this campaign, we will be playtesting the D&D Next format. We will be using Pre-Generated characters to make it easier for everyone. However, each player will be encouraged to make slight modifications to their characters to reflect their playing style.

The Adventure begins after the Holidays.

Will you join us?

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